Q & A

Booking your course

How to book?

Click on the classes you wish to join, choose the time and pay online. FREE class is the best way to meet your teacher first!

What is I am not sure which course to book?

No problem. Book a FREE class and discuss it with the teacher or email info@yesucanspeak.com

When can I start my course?

Anytime. Choose your days and times in the calendar.

Can I change my class times even after I paid?

Absolutely! Just go to calendar and cancel/re-schedule.

Do I get a confirmation after I pay?

Yes, immediately, via email.

Can I get a refund?

No but you can reschedule your classes or give them to someone else.

How do I pay?

PayPal and all major credit cards.

What currency is the payment in?

US dollars.

Can I book more than 1 class at the same time?

Yes! Remember, for each 10 classes booked at the same time you get a FREE class.



Who will be my teacher?

Probably Marcella as she is the most experienced.

Are the teachers native English speakers?

Yes. All our teachers are native English speakers, qualified and trained.

Is teacher present in every class?

Yes, always.

Can I ask my teacher for help?

Yes, absolutely. If you need help, you can always contact info@yesucanspeak.com or skype us on infoyesucanspeak.com


Live classes

How do I connect?


Are all classes individual?

No, we also have group classes. If you book individual classes, then yes.

How many students are in the group class?

Maximum 6, but quite possibly less and the teacher.

Will I get enough attention from the teacher in class?

Yes. The classes are small and all students are involved.

Do I need to buy a book or a CD?

No. We provide everything for you.

How do I get my study materials?

You will receive a copy at the beginning of each class. You teacher will share it with you each week.

Will we be doing listening in the class?

Yes. All classes will have listening practice apart from Conversations.

How is my writing marked?

You will email your work to your teacher who will do all the marking with you in class to discuss it learn faster.

What if I miss my class?

You can cancel/reschedule 12 hours before the class. After this, the class is considered taken.

Can I be in the same class with my friend?

Yes. Just email us at info@yesucanspeak.com and will do our best.

Will I get homework?

Yes, optional. Homework is set and encouraged for best results. Only Conversational Course does not have homework.

How do I start my classes?

You will be sent an email before class. All you have to do is log into Skype and start your class.

How long is my class?

60 minutes

Can I join the class after it has started?

Yes but you will lose the time if the teacher cannot extend the time.

What technical equipment do I need?

Skype ID, computer is better than phone, headphones are recommended.