Business English

Business Intensive classes teach you the essential language skills to succeed in the business world. You will quickly learn how to effectively communicate in a professional business environment.
Learn through business case studies, business role plays, and practical job-seeking skills. Additional optional lessons allow you to focus on the specific areas that you want to focus on.

Why choose us?

We teach you English in business situations or situations with English-speaking colleagues

You will focus on specific learning language and communication skills for the workplace

You will be able to speak and write more accurately and confidently over email, compose reports or memos

We help you enhance your CV and improve your chances for professional success in the future

You will practice through real role plays to simulate the real work environment

You can choose start dates and different course lengths to suit your needs

The difference

FREE class before you begin to meet your teacher

FREE cancellation & rescheduling

FREE class when you book 10 classes at once

FREE materials with every booking

Choose times and days

Individual classes always

Cambridge examiner to teach you


1 class US $25 per 1h (60 min)
10 classes US $25 per 1h (60 min) + 1 FREE class (60 min)
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IELTS - Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading

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