Individual Conversation Classes

To improve speaking, well, you need to speak. The conversational classes are exactly that. You will be speaking on various topics and your teacher will correct you on vocabulary, pronunciation and encourage you to speak more fluently.

Why choose us?

  1. We make you speak!
  2. You are the only student in the class and the focus is YOU
  3. You can ask questions, repeat, and choose topics if you like
  4. Your teacher will find the areas you need to improve
  5. You can practice as often as you can at the pace you choose
  6. We provide all necessary materials and topics

The difference

  1. FREE class before you begin to meet your teacher
  2. FREE cancellation & rescheduling
  3. FREE class when you book 10 classes at once
  4. FREE materials with every booking
  5. Choose times and days
  6. Individual classes always
  7. Qualified teacher to teach you


1 class US $20 per 1h (60 min)
10 classes US $20 per 1h (60 min) + 1 FREE class (60 min)
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