Reach your English language potential without having to leave your desk or home and watch your dream happen.

YesUcanSpeak programs are different. Our programs are better. Why? All our programs feature live instruction with our highly trained instructors, who use our own LPR method. This method was developed to make students learn in an enjoyable and convenient way. All course materials used in our classrooms are carefully prepared for each program by an experienced language material developer. We offer a range of English courses because we know that English teaching is what we know best and we want to be the best, same as the results of our students. You save time, money and get good English classes.

LPR method

This method is an acronym for ‘learn, practice, retain’. It is a highly interactive method with stress on speaking and listening. All Cambridge preparation courses are designed to practice all required skills: Speaking, Listening, Use of English and Reading, Writing. That and the use of our LPR method is a perfect combination for faster results.

 Why YesUcanSpeak?

  • we have the best programs in English preparation
  • our teachers are excellent
  • all materials are included, no more expensive books. You can print what you like.
  • live classes with a native English teacher in your office, bedroom or garden
  • you choose the times
  • classes are recorded in case you miss them
  • we care about your progress, you will be tested to show you your results
  • easy to book, use, follow
  • we help you all the way


All teachers are native English speakers and all are carefully selected, trained and constantly tested to provide classes of the best quality. Additionally, our teachers hold Cambridge Teaching qualification (CELTA).

Marcella – IELTS/Business

Virtual classroom

  • each session is 60 minutes
  • classes have a whiteboard with special tools for quick interaction
  • each session is recorded and sent to students who missed the class
  • a teacher is present in every class
  • number of students varies, usually between 3-6 students maximum
  • all materials are supplied to every students through the class and via email
  • all students log into their prospective classes they choose at the time of booking


Students are supported by their teacher and us, YesUcanSpeak. All enrolled are encouraged to contact their teacher in regards to their class work or language needs. For any other enquiries,  students can contact info@yesucanspeak.com. Our support team is ready to help and respond within 24 hours.

IELTS - Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading

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